Inspiring, unheard voices of what really matters in society has motivated me to become a film maker that challenges the conventional way of thinking by creating videos that provoke us to realise things for what they are, without being mollycoddled.

Coming from a background in film production and technology, I have made several short films/documentaries that are revolutionary in exposing beauty, which, till now, has always been a niche – films that dig below the surface of society, aiming to expose a different way of thinking and uncovering what has been desensitised through repetition and becoming the status quo.

The truth is, my passion for film and documentary did not start till after university. Ever since, I have found a voice and now have the growing ability and freedom to make films that matter and communicate to people, giving them an introduction to the issue at hand and the surrounding environment.

Over the two years I have worked on several different projects – from documentary to live events; from the BBC to independent production companies. However, it would be unfair to say, my varied experiences have allowed me to be where I am today; from travelling to Namibia to volunteering at an orphanage, to working on one of Britain’s biggest events – London Olympics 2012 – these have all shaped me as an individual and have shaped my outlook on life and it’s issues, which I try to encapsulate through film.

“To conquer your mind is to conquer the world”- Guru Nanak