Grand Prix Winner’s Interview – Nikon European Film Festival

We asked our #NikonFF Grand Prix winner, Jagjeet Singh, to tell us about the inspiration for his film, the challenges he encountered while shooting, his hopes for his prize of a networking trip to the Cannes Film Festival, and the advice he’d give to other filmmakers entering the competition in 2015. Find out more about the Nikon European Film Festival and watch Jagjeet’s winning film at

UK filmmaker wins Nikon European Film Festival prize with anti-bullying movie

Jagjeet Singh from the UK has beaten hundreds of budding filmmakers to win the inaugural Nikon European Film Festival with a short movie about bullying.

Jagjeet said: ‘Having made films for several years, achieving recognition for my work is a dream I have been chasing for a very long time…

‘I’m pleased to win an award for this particular film as it’s a project that sits close to my heart. I wanted to raise awareness of how bullying is universal and the pain it can cause victims and their families. Inspiring, unheard voices of what really matters in society has motivated me to become a filmmaker and I hope this film inspires others to do the same.’

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Muay Thai Fighter Started Fighting Because He Couldn’t Save a Woman From Being Beaten

Here’s the chilling story of Muay Thai fighter Marcel Gaines who recalls hearing screaming in the middle of the night. He left the party to see what was going on, and after rushing to help her he noticed that none of his friends had followed him. He saw a massive guy wailing on a woman and he just froze there, he couldn’t do anything to help her. That night lit a flame inside of Marcel that fires him up to train hard to ensure that anytime somebody needs help from him, he’ll be able to take care of them. He already had the character to run towards the women’s screams, and now he’s got the training thanks to Muay Thai.

Huffpost published an article on the Sikh tradition of ‘Langar’ which is based on serving free food to everyone, regardless of; faith, background or gender. In this piece published, Peawea Film’s short video based on preparation of this free food, at 3AM in a London Sikh Temple (Gurdwara) was shared with their readers. The video can be watched on our projects page.