This is a short snippet of footage obtained from the Canon EOS M5 camera, which was used as a B cam for a short multimedia video-journalism project.

This short clip has been produced purely to give filmmakers a taste of what this camera can do for documentary with a low budget. The camera was used in various way from handheld filming to being mounted on a handheld gimbal stabiliser. It was also used with the 22mm Pancake lens and with the Canon 72-200mm lens, with EF Mount Adapter.

This is merely a short clip from the multimedia project; Hunting Sikhs, purely to display its ability to handle low-budget film production. The Documentary will be a 20 minute feature based on the atrocities following the attack on the Main Sikh Temple in 1984, which saw hundreds of young and old killed. It takes us through the lives of those affected by the killings and the poverty they face today.

Edit- Nav Sandhra
Director- Jag Singh
Music- Ben Sound
Spoken word poetry-Bavleen saini