‘I am Colombia’ is a short form documentary film expressing the regeneration and the beauty behind the ill named country that has lost its identity because of the violent and destructive past it has. This film is mainly based on one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Medellin, Comuna 13. Its reputation of drugs, violence and cartels over-rides the beauty hidden beneath all the propaganda.

The aim of this film is to allow the viewers to engage with the real people of Comuna 13 and to give them the opportunity to voice the truth behind their neighbourhood and to express the joy and humility which is present in Comuna 13 and to show how different it really is from what the mainstream media has portrayed.

Many people have contributed to this film and if it was not for them, this secret beauty would not have been able to shine.

Film Maker- Jag Singh
Bal Singh
Julio Casadiego- Comuna 13
Daniela Garces-Translator
Wayne- Sound Engineer
Mark Ryes- Voice over
Ben Sounds
Kevin MacLeod; – Audio Track
Casa Kolacha- Project house