Voiceless is a short documentary film based on a schoolboy who hanged himself and left behind a diary of abuse by playground bullies. Vijay Singh’s, 13, bullying went un-noticed for a long time before he decided it had come to a stage where he could not take it any more. He also wrote a chilling poem in his schoolbooks about his torment at the hands of race-hate pupils.
This poem is a harsh reminder to the effects of bullying back then and now. Bullying is still a taboo today and is avoided most times as some feel it is not as serious as one may think but the truth is, bullying is more alive than ever and the more we turn a blind eye to the issues, the closer we are to losing people we dearly love.
This video was aimed to create awareness and to help people understand the seriousness of bullying. The last thing we expect is anything terrible happening to our loved ones. We are always exposed to dramatic and hurtful experiences through the pain of others and least expect anything similar to happen to us. But the truth is, it is closer to home than we think.
This is something we must fight together. Bullying must stop, because it’s just not fair. We are all equal- regardless of race, faith or beliefs. So please spread the poem of Vijay Singh and stop the bullies.
MONDAY -My money was taken
TUESDAY-Boys called me names
WEDNESDAY-My uniform was torn
THURSDAY-My body pours with blood
FRIDAY-It’s ended
Director- Jag Singh (Peawea films)
Music- OK Team Audio Editor- Landon Grace and Wayne (media studios)
Lyricist- Siren Voiceovers- Chloe, Emily Coy, Jordan, GG, Chris Quandt, Alisha kaur and Nick Actors & Actresses- Tegh Kaur, Jack, Shaniya Ursheila, Ria Sahib, Inderjit Gill, Christine Kaur, Lilly
Production Assistant- Jaspal Singh (Chuck) and Pardeep kaur.
Special thanks to- Rani panesar- Sunday punjabi school.
Anti-Bullying campaigns out there to help victims of bullying